Too often, we find ourselves managing our sales, vs making sales.

A significant part of a salesperson’s role is to seek out new customers, bring them in to our world, and help identify, suggest, and service a customer or client’s need. A good sales person is able to provide a complete solution.

Part of this is doing our due diligence for customers/clients, and finding the specific tools they’ll need in order to be successful with the products we provide for them.

As we seek these solutions, we’re constantly quoting, building opportunities for future sales. It’s a great opportunity to practice trial closes. Rather than actually asking the customer to buy, ask “May I get you a quote on that?” 

These quotes become liquid in the pipeline. Whether they come to fruition or not is dependent on how you manage your quotes and orders, communicating and asking questions at regular intervals with your customers.

At the end of the day, the standard rule of thumb is that for every four quotes written, one sale completes. So if the goal is to generate $100K in sales, we need to quote $400K to assure we reach our goal.

What if customers aren’t coming to you?

Then you go to the customer. Find them in your CRM system, lead systems, Facebook, LinkedIn. Find them at Meetups,  hobby gatherings…seek out new life, and new customer-nations…

There never has been an easier time to find and fill the pipeline, but it does still require work.

Fill your pipeline by quoting often (you’ll need to close to do this). Build your business for your next week, next month, next year by
You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the results of a filled pipeline.

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I've been a successful sales manager, musician, film/video professional, instructional designer, and skydiver. Picked up a few pieces of gold, brass, titanium, and tin along the way. This blog is where I spill my guts about how I'm feeling at any given moment, and maybe a blurb or two about what's happening in the sales, video, or skydiving worlds.

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