Apple UP!

Today is the day for experimenting with apples. Although as a child I brought a few apples to teachers, I’ve not been a fan. 
Having tried Gala apples today, I can probably get used to this. Granny apples, not so much. Fuji and Honey Crisp coming up. 
I’ve been told apples are good for dipping, too.
I appreciate the emails wondering about my 180 degree switch on eating fruits and veggies. Those that know me are aware that veggies have always been “what food eats”  in my lexicon. 
For a variety of reasons, I’m experimenting with my diet. 
However, if you know me well, you also know that one of my monthly goals is to try *something* new. July happens to be “everything food,” and a lot of it. 
It’s a challenge, stepping out of your comfort zone once a month and trying something new. It might be a weird hairstyle, odd fingernail color, going to church if you’re an atheist, or eating salads if you’re a carnivore. Perhaps it’s deeper and you’ll volunteer for a soup line or challenge yourself to do 5 mitzvah’s in a day. 
Whatever it is, I’d like to challenge my friends and readers to do SOMETHING new each month. For me, it’s been a broadening experience.
If nothing else, I no longer have to be annoyed if my burger comes with lettuce on it; I’ll eat it.


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I've been a successful sales manager, musician, film/video professional, instructional designer, and skydiver. Picked up a few pieces of gold, brass, titanium, and tin along the way. This blog is where I spill my guts about how I'm feeling at any given moment, and maybe a blurb or two about what's happening in the sales, video, or skydiving worlds.

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