The Salad Chronicles Day 9

On the ninth day, new adventures were in the air….

ImageToday was another day of many ‘firsts.’
This morning, I tackled bananas and learned about the flavor of slightly browning bananas vs slightly still-green bananas, and the filmy texture either kind leaves on the teeth and tongue.
I prefer grapes.

Next up was the Bear Naked Fit Vanilla Crunch Almond granola. Not a huge shift from the granola trail bars that I really like, except it is significantly more expensive, but also tastes better.

Sydney suggested arugula lettuce, and so I gave that a shot (found I liked it) Perhaps one of the best parts of the day was standing in the supermarket and surreptitiously sampling all the leafy stuff that has been taboo for the past 5 decades. The Mustard Greens were my favorite but damn!! Why doesn’t the supermarket have drinking water near the produce section? I also discovered that while I really dislike the taste of cooked Kale, I very much like the raw taste. And then there were the leeks, they were good. Spinach tastes better than it s PopEye reputation, but I do lean towards cabbage and fresh Romaine, with the final/least choice being Iceberg.

Tonight, I choose a Korean BBQ restaurant. They have a vegetarian meal (several choices) along with pork, chicken, and beef. Figured I’d splurge and get the pork, which came as chicken instead.
So…new things for the meal were Dried Seaweed, White potatoes cooked in brown sugar, Kimchi, Bean Sprouts, Broccoli, spiced Cucumbers, and brown paddy rice.  Each side was placed in its own little bowl (see the picture above).

Pretty good stuff, except for the cucumbers; they incite my gag reflex.  Price was great for this  not-so-modest but small meal, 17 bucks plus change and a tip.Image

I discovered I really like seaweed, and the beansprouts were quite good too. The Kimchi tastes very different from what I samped in Korea years ago. The Clear Soup was boiling when it came out, but after it cooled, the potatoes were pretty decent, boiling them in the water. I wasn’t fond of the cukes nor the Kimchi. However, I’m committed, so I’ll be doing this again.  The spice of the Kimchi had an aftertaste I’d like to experience again on something.

Tomorrow, I’m going to try to tackle Avocado with fake bacon, fake eggwhites in it. Very grateful to D.K. for the suggestion on how to better eat bananas. I need the potassium.  Also looking forward to the next leafy challenge.
If you’ve read this far, god bless you. It’s pathetic that a man of my age and experience has never eaten a salad.
And in 38 days, I hope to never eat another one again.


All in all, it’s not as difficult a changeup as I have always thought it would be. Still not a fan of this style of eating, but as mentioned earlier, I’ll have learned a lot by the time I’m through. So far, it’s already worth the effort.

More than that, I’m exceptionally grateful to have a lifestyle where I can experiment and try new things for a while.
Grateful for my friends, my place of retirement/work, and sure hope that whichever diety or science will collide long enough to generate more rain showers out this way .

Thank you for reading this far.



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One thought on “The Salad Chronicles Day 9”

  1. Interesting to hear of your experiences – well done! Regarding taste:

    On average it takes the taste buds 10 days to renew themselves – so as you progress your tastes will actually change with you – what remains is your memory. Taste is about memory – and as your taste buds regenerate and you eat new and exciting fruit vegetables and salad combinations, and experience new textures, etc. – you add new memories to your memory bank.

    As you continue to eat lighter foods, you put less stress on your system, detox more quickly and have more energy to do the things you enjoy doing… Persevere!

    There are thousands of different types of fruit and vegetables and hundreds of thousands of combinations and flavours – so new taste sensations can be constant, exciting and a lot of fun.

    You will notice health benefits too – as your system, experiencing less stress – creates more harmony and better health.

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