A Little Closer to Far Away

ASL for "I Love You"

Everyone could use a hand now and then.  Offer one.  It’s really pretty easy.  Just say these words….”May I help you?”

Yeah…that’s it.  That’s all.  Help an old lady across the street whether she wants to go or not.  Lift someone’s luggage into the overhead bin.  Tell a TSA agent to ease up on the gal wearing the diapers.  Help a mother lift a stroller up a set of stairs.  Open a door.

As my flight works its way across the ocean, writing seemed the best outlet for some steam I needed to let off. In my journey to Israel, I met Nick and his family; older people that couldn’t manage to get their luggage overhead, so I was most happy to help them. On my return, I saw a slightly different version of Nick and Sarai several rows ahead of me. Between this older couple and I was a group of “Birthright” kids from Philly.  Jewish teens that had just completed a tour of Israel with hopes of one day moving to Israel and becoming Israeli citizens. This couple was obviously struggling with their carryon luggage (hers was immense), and these kids were doing nothing to help. There was a young man standing in the aisle if he’d help them, and he looked at me like I had three heads. The next easiest solution was to push my way through this group of teens  more interested in their iCocks and souvenirs than helping the couple (and getting the plane away from the gate on time) and helped the elderly couple.  There was a brief moment of angst when one of the kids says to me “A flight attendant coulda done that.” (I’ll chalk it up to the kid being from Philly and not because he was a teen)

In our human-ness, sometimes we forget we’re human and we all need help once in a while.  Some of us accept help better than others  (My personal acceptance of help could use some improvement).  In helping others, we make our world a little better; we feel good about ourselves. Allow others the opportunity to feel good about themselves from time to time too.

We all know to put money into our financial institutions; do we put ‘mitzvahs’** into our social institutions? If not, the day will come when we need to make a withdrawal and our account shall be empty.

The above image is the ASL sign for “I love you,” as it combines the letters “I”, “L”, and “Y” into a single sign.

I”m not advocating the frilly soft peace-love-the world is a pretty place concept that failed in the late 60’s and early 70’s. All I’m saying is that we can give each other a break, a hand, a helping opportunity.  It’s really pretty simple.

Years ago, I used to close every concert saying “We’re all human beings who need one another; we’re all human beings filled with hope. It is my dream to one day see a world where the world celebrates, rather than vilifies our differences.  It is my hope, that on this night my music would bring us just a little closer to that dream, which seems so far away (My biggest selling album is “Closer to Far Away“). Please remember that as five-fingered humans, we are all the same.”

Give 5 seconds a day to others. They’ll be happier for it.

So will you.

Josh’s hands


**mitzvah is a “good deed” in Jewish culture.

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