Professor John Kallend at Elsinore

The formation is almost hidden from the many steaming cups of coffee surrounding it. A beautiful, foggy morning here at Elsinore.


WWR Formation 2009

And here we go, as it begins.

Still lots happening as people arrive.


Taya Weiss announces the captains and plans for the WWR Attempt.

People are happily reuniting as it’s been a while since some of us have been together.


Scotty and Taya Weiss greet each other
Scott Callantine updates Mel Curtis
Monkey and Kristin. Watch the Pink!

Once the announcements took place, the individual planes broke out for separate instruction and briefing. Each team has maps of the flight lines, deployment points, and the four landing areas, separated by plane. With any effort, this year’s event will go as safely as last year’s event, and the initial indicators are that this year is planned with even more care than the previous year.


Plane Captain Justin Shorb briefs his team

Following the first briefing, the teams went to the grass and ran out the formations. Formation dots have been spray painted on the grass to indicate proper distances between wingsuiters, and the teams dirt dive each exit over and over. It will become relentless over the next few days.


Ed Palowski's team runs it out to the formation points.

All the teams are laying down the formations in the grass, first in street cloths, then in their wingsuits so that everyone can identify the rig and wingsuits surrounding their position. This avoids confusion in the sky, with everyone knowing who should be flying at their head and to their sides.






Stay tuned for more information.

Purlple Mike finds his slot

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  1. Thanks for blogging—many people are watching from afar and it is great having several different views of the event!

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