Wow, another great day of flocking and jumping with the Brits here in Elsinore. Weather couldn’t have been better.

Eike had some four way stuff going on, Mark Harris and Phil Peggs organizing other smaller groups. Melanie Curtis is stunning in her wingsuit, but then again, she’s just plain “stunning.”

Winds kicked up a bit, so we saw more than a couple students backing up.

A first flight course started the morning for me personally, but the real highlight of the day was Chris Warnock appearing on the DZ with his very cool home-built wingsuit.  Marko, Chris, and myself went out together with Marko setting the base. Chris exited cleanly, flew flat and fast, with Marko and I next to him. Marko and Chris docked not once, not twice, but THREE times, giving Chris his first docking experience in a wingsuit. (BEER!). Other than finding that the winds had taken us a little too far north (over the waters of Lake Elsinore), it was a terrific jump. Chris had a few line twists under a borrowed PD Storm, but he’ll probably soon learn to keep that monstrous legwing closed in the future. Marko and I struggled to get back to the DZ, and landed on the north west side of the runway. Damn, I hate walking that far back to the packing mat. How come the students get a pick up and we had to hoof it? Tero Paukku is here with his lovely wife Lela, as are so many other wingsuiters from abroad.

Sorry gang, no pix tonight. I left my camera locked in one of the student rooms, and I haven’t a key.

Tomorrow morning bright and ugly; first flight courses with Gilead and Keith. More flockers to join us soon!

Matt Hoover Inspires Greatness in the 2009 flock. What a sense of humor!

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