Wednesday, November 4….just another day but yet a special day.

Wingsuiters have begun their descent on Lake Elsinore for the wingsuit world record. Some of the organizers are here, birds of different feathers are flocking together, and a lot of practice jumps are taking place.

Phil-Mel landing after a wingsuit jump.
Phil and Mel are having a good time after a wingsuit jump.

Me? I’ve done a few practice jumps but frankly don’t feel I have what it takes to be a part of this grand event where 100 of the world’s wingsuiters will be in the air at once.  For me, today was spent teaching FFC’s (First Flight Courses) rather than participating in flocks. There aren’t any good base flyers here just yet (where is Purple Mike when you need him?) so the flockage is a little loose. However….Tim and I got in some great jumps together, and we flocked very well. It’s been fun getting to know the sky again after such a long hiatus.

Lucas Does His FFC Today, his 30th Birthday!

Lucas’ FFC was especially fun; it was his 30th birthday gift from himself. Such a fun guy, and he did really well, especially on his second jump. We flew into the sunset over the Ortega mountains, just on the south edge of the lake. Wow…what a great way to end the day (with cold beers after jumping was done).  Happy birthday, Lucas. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of it. It was a good time. BTW, if you’re looking for a good packer at Elsinore, he’s another resource along with Ralph, Mike, and the gang).

The weather is cooperating very well thus far; GORGEOUS clouds wisping over the Ortega mountains. Sunsets reflecting off the ocean are memorable. If you’re not here to fly, you should be here just to watch.

Tim lands his PD Storm after his jump

One interesting experience; a group of foreigners were in the aircraft to do hop n’ pops. The green light went on, and then flipped off. ATC required the aircraft do a go-around. However, three of them had already jumped. Oops! They landed off, but safely. Let it be a reminder that the green light doesn’t mean “GO!!” as much as it means “look out the door and see where you are. If you’re the first person out, use your eyes to see what’s up out there. If you’re at 4000 feet and the DZ is obviously a couple of miles away… you’re likely not making it back to the DZ.

See y’all tomorrow.


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