The Final Day of APF

Wednesday, Day 3 of the APF

Today began very slowly due to the Riverboat Party last night. The masquerade-themed event was a ball (no pun intended) but there were those of us from overseas that weren’t aware it was a masquerade until shortly before the event. I think Greg Rau went as a UPT representative.

I missed most of the opening general APF meeting, but did catch all of the “Progressing to High Performance Landings presentation by Michael Vaughn. It was a very good workshop, although it could have easily been longer. Some of the teaching techniques he presented were very different than the approach the various canopy coaches I’ve learned from. One example, is that the APF progression requires a student to show they can successfully manage the canopy even when in a corner.
Greg Jack’s Dual Canopy and Canopy Collision course was fantastic. So much of the presentation brought up techniques and tricks that I’d never before heard nor read anywhere. He’s a CRW/CF monster, and is organizing the next Australian record for canopy formations. Greg was kind enough to provide me with a copy of his Canopy Course powerpoint, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading and re-reading it.

Brett from Downward Trends

Next up was my Wingsuiting Safety presentation, and in the other corner, was Greg Rau presenting information on packing UPT reserves.
The CASA presentation from Grahame Hill was fascinating. It had nothing to do with skydiving whatsoever, yet it entirely applied to skydiving.
CASA is the FAA of Australia. He presented a lot of real-life scenarios about the psychology of air sports, complacency, pushing the limits, instructors, management, ego, attitude, and a host of other subjects that are heavily backed up by CASA, FAA, and FAI statistics. One statistic that came to light was that main malfunctions are higher in the afternoon than in the morning. His claim was that aircraft incident occurrence increased in the second half of the day vs the first half. An APF representative supported this with reserve deployment statistics (in Oz, all reserve deployments are reported).

Immediately following the last presentation of the day where Greg Jack spoke about the 2010 100 Way attempt for Australian CF pilots, I headed to the Promenade mall and walked around. Everything in the mall closes at 5:30, even on a Wednesday night. What’s up with that?

Tomorrow morning, I’ll retrieve the rental car and head out to Redcliffe to see Cookie’s factory and hang out with Jeremy for a bit. See y’all tomorrow!


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