Sebastian, Florida/Day Two

Scotty’s New Cessna from VASST/Sundance Media Group on Vimeo.

Clouds cover the middle part of all of Florida; I checked into Zhills this morning, had a great cuppa while waiting for clouds, hung out with Tony Hathaway, Chuck Blue and his bike, and Tony Uragallo. After picking up Justin’s new TonySuit XS with the new winglets suitable for an Air Force bomber, I drove over to the dropzone. There I watched Scotty Burns his new super swift Cessna 172. The plane has a paint job worthy of Evel Knievel, but the damn thing flies, even with Scotty at the yoke. Of course, it trims a tad to the pilot side, but a bit of additional weight on the passenger side will straighten that right out.

Zhills is on a weather hold, so a couple guys have broken out the beer (is it 8 hours bottle to throttle, or eight inches to throttle?). In other words, I don’t think we’re getting it up today….

But…there is a lot to say to be hanging, laughing at this ancient old Cessna, but it’s Scotty’s ancient old Cessna, so it’s kinda like listening to man talk about his ugly wife. It’s OK for him to say she’s ugly….but don’t you dare tell him she’s ugly…

The Special Operations Command guys are here with their Sherpa; we received the VIP tour of this magnificent, super-slow aircraft used for demos, HALO insertions, VIP Tandems, and other fun stuff. Super sexy inside, ugly grey paint outside complete with missile warning system in the tail. We begged for a ride, but it didn’t happen…
So…we went for a ride in Scotty’s new toy. With four people in the aircraft, it was a little slow to altitude but was a ball either way. It was a little nervewracking to hear the stall horn buzzing away….note to self; don’t fly with four fat guys and no parachute in a 172…

Congratulations to Scotty; N100Yankee Sierra is now an official skydiving aircraft. Well…it will be as soon as that pesky right side door is removed and a twinkie installed.

And that fast, the day changed….As we were driving off the DZ, a hole to heaven opened wide, and the Otter was dragged back into commission; what a beautiful jump with Scotty, Quinn, and a couple others. Some nice docks happened up there…beautiful jump, beautiful landing, beautiful way to end the past few hours of ass-sitting.

The sunset load as always, was stunning. It wasn’t one of Zephyr Hills million-dollar sunsets, but it was a damn fine one. TK didn’t know I was coming, so he didn’t order the extra-special light.
Next up, stopping by MCO to pick up more wingsuiters for the event at Sebastian. Tomorrow we bust it out at Sebastian. Beautiful weather, beautiful coast…here we come.


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