Sebastian Day Ten-Dolphins in the River!

Another early morning; Chris Gay and Chris Warnock started shooting on their top-secret project very early for the second day in a row. I think I’m just gonna give Chris a key to my equipment locker, I’ll be able to sleep in that way…
Jumps started early. First load was up before nine. I was surprised, simply because I knew one of the Otters was still down; Rook had been working on it with a mechanic flown in from Chicago at 4 a.m. Talk about amazing commitment! The Otter took off for a test run and it was decided that the plane was ready to fly. The mechanic flew home very early this morning.
A first load took jumpers up; the plane was brought back down and taken out of service. Bummer, because not having a second aircraft made loads slow to manifest, and fast to rotate.
Then the Deland PAC rolled in. Cheers could be heard from the packing shed. It’s great to see the DZ care so much about jumpers that they brought in an aircraft from a nearby DZ for the day. Between seeing Rook out there at 4 a.m. and the pretty blue/yellow PAC rolling up, it was obvious that the DZ wanted the boogie to roll on in grand style.

A couple of cutaways occurred today, I don’t know whose they were, but the second one…man…I pity THAT guy. His canopy was easily in the trees/woods of the golf course area, and it’s THICK in there. I mean, like porcupine thick. Handsome Harry Parker commented on how rough it was to find canopies chopped in that area, I believe it. One redeeming factor; the main seemed to be fairly open and falling slowly. I don’t know whether it was recovered quickly or not, but it was in the riggers loft by sunset.

Norman Kent showed up for some freefly jumps today; it’s always a huge pleasure to see his smiling face and fun attitude show up. Nicole is expected to be jumping with him tomorrow. If you’ve never had the opportunity to jump with Norman, make time to do it. He is an amazingly skilled person, and as humble as he is skilled.

With Justin Shorb organizing, an Otter load of wingsuiters took off to build a fun formation, Justin backflying the base. Exit was interesting to say the least; somehow the front float ended up with someone lying completely on top of him. So, with Justin backflying and someone else diving on their, it looked very strange indeed….when they met in mid-air.

Three Stooges

The jump ended with Andreea and Purple Mike both attempting a scary roll with Justin. The problem was, they were each on opposing sides, and it’s sorta hard to do a scary roll with one person going right and the other going left. Justin was practically torn in half.

This is Range, an AFFI, TI, and videot from Skydive Sebastian. A very cool guy, fun to see on the ground and under canopy.

After the second to last load of the day, I decided to bring Scotty and Justin out to the Indian River to do a little canoeing. We finished the sunset on one of the small public islands in the channel.
The evening was perfectly topped off. Scotty and I were on a photo safari at that point, and the evening didn’t disappoint. The dolphins in the channel saw to that. We ran into at least four pods of dolphin while walking around the island, and then more dolphins joined us for our paddle back to the mainland.
Wow. What a great, beautiful moment with which to end the day. Now it’s time to spend the evening figuring out graphics and titles for the projects I’m here to produce. See ya’ll tomorrow night, gang.

BTW, I’d post live from the DZ, but the internet has been down for several days, but promised to be up tomorrow, since the holiday weekend is now over…

And finally, to those that are still reading what buts on the screen are posted here….thanks for the kind words both private and public. It’s the one thing that motivates me to keep posting publically vs in my private journal. Or has my private journal somehow become public? Doesn’t matter, I guess. So long as there is someone willing to listen, I’ll have something to say…worthwhile or not.
Good night, and may your tomorrow be filled with blue and puffies…


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