Sebastian 2008-Day 9

Sunrise came early at Sebastian, and it was beautiful…BBStorm photo

BBStorm photo

Wow…time flies. Been 11 days since my arrival at Sebastian. They’re probably tired of me being here already.
The day started at o-dark hundred, and we finally got batteries in the cameras warm by around 6:45. Chris Gay was on hand for a video production you’ll hear more about later. Chris Warnock is producing the project.

BBStorm photo

One of the Otters is down for a mechanical at the moment, so every load is jam-packed with bodies and we’ve got a wait of about an hour between loads, but the time is well-spent with socializing, packing, instructional time, and general BS’ing. For some, it’s like being at the mall; there is just too much around to spend money on.

Beautiful clouds and moderate to high winds marked the beginning of the day, but by late afternoon it had all settled out. Some great wingsuit experiences were had (Andreea is flying TIGHT!) Jeff Nebelkopf gave me some great pointers on getting into flat spins (yes, they can be done for fun) and Justin Shorb was on hand late in the day to take up a final sunset load. Justin is now one jump closer to his A License in chops…he’s pretty close to receiving that pretty red stamp on his yellow card for the second time….his canopy was recovered, but the freebag was AWOL. If you happen to see it, flag him down. I’m sure he’d love to know where in Kansas it landed. Tonight was the night the parties really started with not less than three separate areas hosting hordes of happy skydivers. Beer flowed (is flowing) like liquid gold….

Sitting this one out, Uve states that stand-up landings are over-rated.

By the way…don’t get the idea that this is a wingsuits-only boogie; it’s not. There is PLENTY of freeflying and belly flying happening here. It’s just that the only thing I see of freefliers and belly fliers is their exits…they’re usually gathered up off the field long before the wingsuits land. I’ve asked for input on the blog from the other disciplines; beg these guys to gimme something I can use beyond “duuuuuuddde, it was RADICAL.”

Gratuitous non-wingsuit photo

It was a lot of fun shooting from the ground for a bit today; captured yet another shot of Jeff Nebelkopf that only further supports my theory that Jeff is a madman.

**Does anyone really read this stuff besides Andreea, me, and two strange guys from Serbia?


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