Sebastian 2008, Day 3

The morning mist rose from the ground like….. wrong story.

Justin and Scotty were late getting up today, but they were waiting for me outside the Best Western motel when I drove up…and Justin had a pizza box(es) with 20 breadsticks for breakfast (and lunch, and dinner).
After arriving at the DZ, Eric and Scotty set lights for Justin’s video debut as a talk-show host, and man…he did it up right. It was impressive to hear and see. Seriously.
Jeff donned a Tonysuit Intro and played Student to Justin’s Instructor. It was a fine, fine jump watching Jeff Nebelkopf swish around the sky like a first-jump student amped on adrenaline…I’ve never seen Jeff exit from a poised position until today. I was surprised he could even remember how to jump on his belly.

We did a total of four camera jumps today, more on that later.

I met up with Josh, aka “Tuna-Salad” from the website. He and I jumped together with cameras on each other so we could exchange some ideas about freefall camera techniques. He did well, and we worked on sideslides and using our hands more as we fly through the air. Very pleasant young man, and I’ll jump with him anytime.

So, Jeff, Justin, Scotty, and I climbed to altitude with an over anxious observer and her teddy bear, a female tandem instructor working on achieving her rating, and a group of very loud, excited AFF students. One of the AFF students did his “Check in/check out” in the door, and promptly left the aircraft about 30 seconds later. I think he was checking the spot 6-10 times before leaving the aircraft.
His story on the ground was very exciting, or at least that’s how his girlfriend was hearing it.

In this jump, Jeff was to poop the exit, with Justin right behind. I followed Justin out the door and watched Jeff go very low, so we waited while he and Scotty climbed back up to the formation. T’was a beautiful thing to watch.
Justin and Jeff decided to do a scary-roll or three (or five) and for the first time ever, I was right in the middle of a scary roll but not a participant. What a beatiful sight to behold. It was almost as sweet as seeing the ball of fire that made up the Sebastian sunset right at that moment as we were flying over the Indian River area.

When we got down on the ground, something really odd had taken place. We had earlier seen the Airport Marshall driving around…and Scotty’s new Cessna 172 had DISAPPEARED. Took Scotty a while to notice, and then even longer to figure out where it had gone. Dag-nab-it, someone had pranked Scotty and stolen his airplane….But he did find it, next to the aircraft paint shop….could that possibly be a hint?

Tune in tomorrow for more of the Sebastian blog…


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I've been a successful sales manager, musician, film/video professional, instructional designer, and skydiver. Picked up a few pieces of gold, brass, titanium, and tin along the way. This blog is where I spill my guts about how I'm feeling at any given moment, and maybe a blurb or two about what's happening in the sales, video, or skydiving worlds.

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