PIA 2009

PIA begins in a couple more days; Mannie, Chris, Mike, Jack, Dru, and myself are packing our cameras, new DVDs, and pointing our noses west for the trip to Reno, the biggest little town in the world.
At least it’s warmer there than it is here.
A lot is happening at the PIA Symposium, and we’ll be bringing as much of it to you as possible.
Tune into the VASST Channel on Youtube and catch the live interviews with the various attendees. We’ll also have interviews with the newly elected USPA BOD members, and a few clips from some of the Symposium sessions.
If you’ve got questions you’d like asked of the manufacturers, drop us a line. We’ll do our best to ask.
See ya there!


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I've been a successful sales manager, musician, film/video professional, instructional designer, and skydiver. Picked up a few pieces of gold, brass, titanium, and tin along the way. This blog is where I spill my guts about how I'm feeling at any given moment, and maybe a blurb or two about what's happening in the sales, video, or skydiving worlds.

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